Aloe vera ice cubes for the face- Right time to apply

The best time to apply aloe vera ice cubes to the face is at night, just before bed. But there is more to it. For maximum benefit, you must follow certain steps.

Let’s understand the right time and technique for applying an aloe vera ice cube to the face.

you must know 3 things before applying Aleo vera ice cubes to the face

  1. What are aloe vera ice cubes and their benefits?
  2. Why is nighttime the best time to apply them to the face?
  3. What are the precautions to follow?

Aloe vera Ice cubes and their benefits

Aloe Vera ice cube facials can relieve inflammatory acne

Benefits of ice therapy on the face

if you are troubled by red, swollen, painful, and pus-filled bumps on your face, you probably have a severe form of inflammatory acne.

Research suggests that ice therapy helps in cases of severe acne by reducing inflammation.

Ice application also reduces puffiness under the eyes.

Aloe vera skin benefits

Aloe vera gel is rich in vitamins A, C, & E. It also contains vitamin B12. these vitamins can give excellent results in skin care.

Other benefits of aloe vera on the skin are:

  • The anti-inflammatory effect helps in reducing pain, redness, and swelling of the skin
  • It speeds healing by producing collagen quickly
  • Reduces scaring
  • Reduces recovery time in cases of first- and second-degree burn injuries.
  • Vitamins A, C, and E are antioxidants that reduce skin damage from toxins.
  • Antioxidants also help in the repair and recovery of skin damage from harmful sun rays. thus giving an anti-aging effect
  • Aloe vera gel is made up of 98% water so it moisturizes the skin
  • it helps in skin damage recovery after radiation therapy
  • cooling effects relieve pain and skin damage in case of sunburn

Why aloe vera ice cubes?

Aloe ice cubes can provide double benefits at once. Ice therapy for your face, along with aloe vera skin benefits

Another benefit is that you can preserve aloe vera gel without adding any artificial preservative chemicals for a long time as ice cubes, rather than keeping it raw.

Raw aloe vera gel lasts for only a few days, whereas in the form of ice cubes, it can last weeks.

How do I make aloe vera ice cubes at home?

Here is an easy, step-by-step guide to making aloe vera ice cubes at home:

  1. First of all, you need aloe vera gel. The easiest way to get fresh aloe vera gel is to have an aloe vera plant at home. If not, purchase aloe vera gel without any preservative chemicals, such as alcohol.
  2. If you are using fresh leaves from plants, cut the leaves from the plants and leave them in an upright position for 10 to 15 minutes. This will allow aloe vera latex to drain out of the leaves. as aloe vera latex may not be suitable for your skin.
  3. After that, you need to get rid of the thick skin of the leaves. Now you have fresh aloe vera gel.
  4. Now rinse the gel carefully to get rid of any remaining latex.
  5. Now that you have fresh aloe vera gel, you need to mix it with a little bit of water and refrigerate it in an ice cube tray.
  6. You can use these aloe vera ice cubes for two weeks.

The best time and steps to apply aloe vera ice cubes

Why bedtime is the best time to have aloe vera ice cubes fascial?

there are 3 key benefits of applying aloe vera ice cubes at bedtime on the face

  1. At night time you are not exposed to sunlight or dirt so it allows aloe vera gel to enter deep layers of skin so you get the most benefits out of it.
  2. It creates a protective barrier that locks moisture and nutrients on the surface of skin.
  3. Overnight presence of nutrients fastens the healing effect of aloe vera.

How to apply aloe vera ice cubes on your face correctly?

Before applying ice aloe vera cubes on your face you need to clean your face with luke warm water and any gentle cleanser.

cleanser will remove dirt, extra oil, and other unwanted chemicals such as makeup from your face.

lukewarm water will help in proper cleaning and fast absorption by opening up skin pores.

then apply some fresh aloe vera gel on the face and neck.

Now take aloe vera ice cubes wrap them in thin clean cotton cloth and rub them in a circular motion on the face and neck.

Keep applying it on the skin gently but not more than 2-3 minutes.

after 2-3 minutes let skin temperature return to normal then you can repeat the process 2-3 times.

that’s it you are done!

Precautions to follow before, during, and after aloe vera ice cube fascial

You must know a few important precautions before practicing aloe vera ice cubes fascial, such as:

  • Always do an allergy test by applying aloe vera ice cubes on the inner part of your wrist. let it dry and leave it for at least an hour. if you notice any kind of redness or swelling, it suggests that your skin is sensitive to aloe vera or ice. then you should not use aloe vera ice cubes on your face. Discuss it with your doctor.
  • Prefer natural aloe vera gel directly from plant leaves. or, prefer aloe vera gel products without additives such as preservative chemicals and alcohol. this can hurt your skin.
  • too much ice exposure to the skin can give you frostbite. so never apply ice cubes directly on your face or never handle aloe vera ice cubes barehanded.
  • If you are using it for relief from acne repeatedly change your aloe vera ice cubes and wrapping cloth to avoid hygiene issues. because poor hygienic practices can spread the infection to other parts of the face and neck.
  • Many of the facts about aloe vera ice cubes are based on anecdotal evidence. means proper scientific evidence is yet to be established. so follow it with utter caution.


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